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What is LinkedIn All About?

  • LinkedIn allows advertisers to reach people when they are in a professional mindset

    People use LinkedIn to further their careers or grow their businesses and are actively looking to engage with educational products and services.

  • Utilize the most advanced and comprehensive educational and professional targeting available across social media

    LinkedIn’s precise targeting gives advertisers access to a wealth of 1st party data about the education, careers and aspirations of it’s 575 million members.

  • LinkedIn is more than just a B2B platform, with the ability to add value to B2C audiences that want to discover and learn new things

    Accurately target characteristics like “High Net Worth Individuals”, Aspirationals” and “Business Travelers” all with their own specific wants and needs.

The Key Features

  • Reach the right professional audiences with the most advanced educational and professional targeting in social. Advertisers can target using rich demographic data, interest targeting, persona targeting and custom audience data, to influence the people that really matter to their businesses.

  • Showcase products and services at the right time by catching the attention of users when they are in a business-focused mindset and are keen to learn and develop themselves.

  • Reach users in different and complimentary ways with high-impact Sponsored Content ads and the more personal Sponsored InMail format.

  • Drive high quality leads efficiently with detailed and accurate user information through LinkedIn’s in-app Lead Gen Forms.

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