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What is Facebook All About?

  • With over 2.3 billion monthly global active users and 32 million UK daily users Facebook is the biggest online community on the planet

    Reach a truly global and demographically diverse audience with Facebook ads.

  • Leverage the most advanced and customisable targeting capabilities on social, powered by a wealth of first-party data

    Facebook’s uniquely granular core, custom and lookalike audiences deliver exceptional results.

  • Catch the attention of users with a wide range of ad placements and formats

    Engage users at the right time by using several fully integrated cross- device placements on Facebook (and Instagram) while using the dozens of impactful native ad formats to get your message across to customers.

The Key Features

  • Through Agenda Media, access advertising and optimisation features unavailable through Facebook directly and get early access to new updates.

  • Efficiently achieve a wide range of business objectives including, lead generation, store visits, online sales, website traffic, consideration and more.

  • Leverage Facebook’s wealth of data, while creating customisable data targeting segments unique to individual brands, and re-target users with unparalleled precision using the Facebook Pixel.

  • Take advantage of the dozens of immersive ad formats available across multiple placements (including Instagram) to reach customers with the right message at the the right time.

  • Find and build audiences for your products or services using Facebook’s custom audiences to ensure you’re reaching users who are familiar with your brand and are likely to re-engage in the future.

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