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What is Instagram All About?

  • With over 1 billion users, Instagram's app-based platform is the number one place for sharing visually stunning content on social

    Reach a rapidly growing global audience that is hungry to engage with beautiful and striking content (without even needing an Instagram Account).

  • Access an active, highly engaged and youthful user base who are extremely receptive to high quality visual content

    Instagram is an important place of expression for a millennial audience that is very responsive to engaging content posted by friends, celebrities and brands alike.

  • Instagram allows advertisers to harness the power of Facebook’s unrivaled targeting capabilities within its visually stunning app environment

    Instagram and Facebook’s uniquely granular demographic, data-driven and interest targeting consistently delivers exceptional results.

The Key Features

  • With Agenda Media, get early access to new updates and access advertising and optimisation features that are unavailable through Instagram directly.

  • Use Instagram advertising to efficiently achieve a wide range of business objectives including, brand awareness, driving website traffic, lead generation, generating online sales and more.

  • Leverage first party data from both Instagram and Facebook, while creating customisable data targeting segments unique to individual brands, and re-target users with unparalleled precision using the Facebook Pixel.

  • Tell a brand’s story through beautifully bold ad formats including Photo Ads and full-screen Instagram Story Ads.

  • Effortlessly extend the reach of Facebook campaigns to highly relevant users, particularly when looking to reach a young and engaged audience.

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