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What is Snapchat All About?

  • Snapchat is the platform of choice for highly engaged millennials.

    Snapchat is all about ephemeral content that’s only available for 24 hours at a time, incentivising people to use Snapchat every day to avoid missing out.

  • Snapchat gives brands the full attention of its users with a range of full-screen ad formats.

    Utilize impact-full native video ads that showcase brands to users in the same way that they view organic content.

  • Start reaching people on a rapidly growing video platform with over 17 million users in the UK.

    With more than 1 million snaps created by users every day and 77% of 18-24 year olds in the UK using Snapchat on any given day, Snapchat is the future of video on social media.

The Key Features

  • Snapchat offers full-funnel ad solutions including the ability to track user actions and conversions with the Snap Pixel. Advertisers can cost effectively raise brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads or conversions and drive app installs with a range of ad products.

  • Snap Ads and Story Ads draw users in allowing them to engage with brands on a deeper level. Websites open instantly within the Snapchat app, avoiding loading times, while a swipe and a tap is all that’s needed to download an app or view more video content.

  • Users are very engaged with brands on Snapchat, which boasts swipe up rates that are 5 times higher than the CTRs of comparable platforms.

  • Utilise precise targeting options, including Snap Audience Match, which allows brands to target existing customers and lookalike audiences on Snapchat alongside diverse lifestyle categories.

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