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What is YouTube All About?

  • A discovery platform specifically designed to help users plan purchases and life events.

    Businesses can use video advertising to build awareness of their brand or attract new customers.

  • With over 37 million adults using the platform in the UK, Youtube is 2nd only to Facebook for online usage among over 18s.

    Youtube is particularly popular amongs millenials with a recent comScore report showing that the average 18- 24 year old in the UK watched over 486 videos in July 2017 alone.

  • YouTube's unique combination of video access, sharing and community creates an unmatched opportunity for audience engagement.

    Sight, sound and motion can elicit emotional involvement with content that you don’t get with other forms of media.

The Key Features

  • Exclusively through Agenda Media you can access next generation contextual targeting options currently unavailable on YouTube directly.

  • Make use of an extensive range of targeting options informed by a wealth of 1st-party data including, demographic, affinity audiences, remarketing and keyword targeting to get your ads in front of the right people.

  • Leverage additional data from a wide range of Google products including Google Analytics to enhance your advertising campaigns on Youtube.

  • Gain access to an incredible amount of potential new customers with over 1.5 billion active users globally.

  • Ensure that you get great value out of your ad spend by only paying when users have watched your video ads, with both skippable and unskippable formats available.

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