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What is Pinterest All About?

  • Pinterest is a discovery platform specifically designed to help users plan purchases and life events

    With 55% of people coming to the platform with intent to buy and a growing user base of over 250 million pinners, Pinterest is the Internet’s most visually appealing shopping list.

  • Catch 10 million UK monthly active users at the planning stage of their shopping journey

    This is the ‘sweet spot’ for brands before users actively start using search engines to compare prices of specific products and services. 67% of Pinners will experience a major life event in the next 6 months, creating opportunities for brands to play a big role in their special days.

  • Pinterest is the second largest source of all website traffic

    This allows brands to drive high volumes of users with strong purchase intent to their websites. Pinterest works well for high-interest categories which consumers are passionate about, such as interior design, cooking, fashion and travel.

The Key Features

  • Target users based on their behaviours and intent rather than their interests alone, using a platform where users are searching for products and inspiration.

  • Utilise Pinterest’s advanced targeting options including keyword targeting, content engagement retargeting, website retargeting, data list targeting and Actalike audiences.

  • Promote brands using beautiful and visually arresting ad formats which are highly customizable, enabling your brands the chance to really stand out.

  • Use Rich Pins to provide more brand context with extra details on your pins, including, real-time pricing, product availability and reviews.

  • Gain access to additional campaign management features through our API provider, which allows us to provide more in-depth reporting, more granular building and optimization of campaigns and extra targeting features including email list targeting.

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